The Intertwine Group facilitates highly effective workshops focused on helping emerging food and beverage brands grow. Our team delivers effective tools that will leave you with actionable next steps. 

"We had Elliot Begoun with The Intertwine Group speak on Integrative Leadership at our recent annual meeting. He was engaging, humorous and left us all thinking a little differently about what it truly takes to be an effective leader. I feel he offers a unique voice and I appreciated having him share his thoughts, ideas and experiences with my team."  -Stephen Hollis SVP Market Executive - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Workshop Topics

Ideation - Human Centered Design

A empathic way to creatively identify new ideas and get them to market.

  • A high energy session that goes much further than common brainstorming. Ideal for innovation or finding a cure for that chronic challenge.


Strategic Management

Create clarity around five key levers; purpose, vision, values, desired outcomes, and the path

  • Group work and individual work that connects one's individual purpose to that of the organization. Great for creating clarity, alignment, and focus.




Clarify your brand values and your brand promise. 

  • A fun interactive session that digs into other well know brands and products in order to help you connect with what makes your offer different and unique in the market.                                

Integrative Leadership

Blending vision, clarity and focus with mindfulness, presence and authenticity. 

  • An introspective journey into leadership styles and techniques. Using DiSC profiles and group exercises we explore ways leaders can make those they lead feel heard, cared for, valued and respected.