Who We Are

"The Intertwine Group has a very deep understanding of their subject matter, They were also was able to very quickly understand our own concepts and ideas. Many consultants tend to push you down a formulaic path designed for their billing profile. Not them - they take time to understand your own issues and concerns and direction before applying their considerable CPG industry knowledge. We are more advanced in our business, and have a stronger stance in the marketplace thanks to their guidance and advice."

Angus Murray - Founder, Foxy's Thoughtful Ice Cream



Elliot Begoun



I am a food nerd, it’s an undeniable fact. I’ve been in this business for over 25 years. I started in a management training program for a boutique chain of restaurants right out of undergraduate school. I’ve been a territory sales representative, a general sales manager, led a supply chain organization, and served as a senior executive.  I even owned a food brokerage firm. I’ve called on just about every type of customer in just about every channel.  Along the way, I’ve had great mentors, made plenty of mistakes, and had my fair share of successes.

I don’t claim to be an expert. I do, however, consider myself a lifelong student. I feel as if I’ve been the beneficiary of a holistic view of the industry. Today, I use that acquired knowledge to help emerging food and beverage brands grow.

This is my passion as I am sure it is yours. 

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Britta Foster



I love food. I love everything about it. I love discovering and trying new foods. I love cooking and serving my family their favorite foods. I guess it’s not surprising then that I have spent most of my career working with food and food brands.  

Starting with a job at a restaurant and then an ice cream shop in college, I ultimately ended up spending a decade working at a mid-size CPG company leading their marketing efforts. In this role, I had the chance to collaborate on amazing advertising and promotional campaigns, to call on a huge variety of retailers, to lead interesting consumer research, to develop pricing and packaging strategies and to lead the branding efforts.



Charity Bridegroom

Support and Administration


Food is an important part of our lives. As a mom, it's what we gather around the table to share. It's what creates memories and special moments. I am passionate about the stories and the people who are behind what we eat. Before I got involved in this role, I was one of the many who did not really understand the work, the love, and the passion that is in every bite we eat. 

Today, it's my honor and pleasure to work in support of those trying to bring good food to good people.