Creativ Design. Innovativ Marketing.

TIV was formed in 2009 to partner with great people and great brands. Family owned by partners Brandt Hoekenga, Christy Hoekenga, Blythe Carrillo and Britta Foster, TIV is a boutique design and marketing agency that specializes in brand strategy, identity creation, advertising & promotion, packaging design and web design. 

After spending a combined 25+ years in the creative fields of graphic design and marketing we realized that there’s a better way to do things. That is how the concept of TIV was born. CreatTIV, innovaTIV and collaboraTIV. We are the new breed of agency.

“It seemed every word we used to describe our company ended with the sound TIV. So when we formed our agency, calling it TIV just made sense.”

The term ‘agency’ can be daunting. The creative coming out of some agencies is brilliant, but the average company can’t afford it. We’re here to turn that concept upside down!

TIV is unique in that we're small, but we offer more services than the typical marketing or advertising agency. We are lucky enough to have three partners that have a broad range of abilities. While many agencies would call product naming, illustration, tie-in partner solicitation or even copy writing 'out of scope,' TIV includes all these services as part of our agreements. We won’t limit how you use your time with us… it’s our job to accommodate all your needs.