Thinking Partners

“We brought Elliot Begoun of The Intertwine Group in to help us improve our internal communication and meeting efficacy. However, his impact was far greater. He is a trusted advisor: a catalyst who helped to clarify strategic outcomes, develop our staff and advance our employee engagement.”

Cindy Haren
President and CEO Western Dairy Assoc.

“Elliot Begoun of The Intertwine Group has the ability to take complex problems and develop unique, creative solutions that drive results. He has a 360-degree understanding of the business. He offers a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, supply chain, business analytics and strategic planning. Most importantly he provides good counsel, and I consider him a trusted advisor.”

Frank Otis, CEO & President Foster Farms Dairy/Crystal Creamery.

What is a thinking partner?


A Thinking Partner is someone who comes alongside you providing the clarity and focus needed for you to make good people and product decisions. A Thinking Partner shares tools that enable you to build better relationships with your team and your customers. A Thinking Partner will work with you to develop effective and integrative leaders . A Thinking Partner will help you GROW.

Integrative Leadership


Integrative leaders have a mindset that leadership is more than just vision and strategy. It is not only about budgets and numbers. Integrative Leadership at its root is about people and understanding what fuels them. It is based on a deep appreciation of the needs we all share; the need to be heard, cared for, valued and respected.  An integrative leader is focused on developing a successful person in business and not just a successful businessperson.  

An integrative leader must come from a position of authenticity. You cannot feign interest; to be effective it must be genuine. This requires a willingness to call upon traits that often are not aligned with the common view of a business leader. But common leadership skills will not achieve uncommon results, integrative leadership will! These traits include, compassion, vulnerability and humility. The critical ingredient to mix with those traits is presence. There is no greater way to demonstrate to an employee that they are heard, cared for, valued, and respected, than to offer 100% of your attention and to listen fully.