Curate Growth #2


A play on words!

Here is a list of links to the things I have read, heard or watched this week that I feel help support growth, develop integrative leaders and foster employee enlightenment.

Why Are Women Less Likely to Become Entrepreneurs Than Men?

This appeared on NPR and is an interesting analysis on the differences between men and women.

14 Amazing Afternoon Energizers

I don’t know about you, but mid-afternoon is my lull and I found some of these suggestions pretty helpful.  

7 Things Successful Leaders Ignore

We can’t possibly pay attention to it all, this was pretty helpful to read.

Hey Leader: Your Ego Can Be Your Worst Enemy

I struggle a bit on the topic of ego, because if not left unchecked, there is some benefit from it being fed. This was an interesting exploration on the topic.

Are you a micromanager or a macromanager?

In my blog this week, I write about giving people the room to fail, I think this article does a nice job on the topic.

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