Who We Are

"The Intertwine Group has a very deep understanding of their subject matter, They were also was able to very quickly understand our own concepts and ideas. Many consultants tend to push you down a formulaic path designed for their billing profile. Not them - they take time to understand your own issues and concerns and direction before applying their considerable CPG industry knowledge. We are more advanced in our business, and have a stronger stance in the marketplace thanks to their guidance and advice."

Angus Murray - Foxy's Premium Frozen Yogurt

Elliot Begoun - Principal


People fascinate me. While others may choose to spend their time at a major sporting event or seeing the latest blockbuster movie, I am at my happiest sitting on a park bench amidst the chaos of a city, just watching the world unfold. To me, there is no finer entertainment.  Fortunately, my wife and business partner is a fellow people watching enthusiast, so we can while away our time together in its pursuit. This fascination was kindled 30 years ago when I was an aimless undergraduate student. On a typically hot afternoon at the University of Arizona, I stumbled into my first Human Communication class and I was hooked! For the next 4 years, I studied non-verbal, persuasive, organizational, interpersonal and group communication. I wound up with a degree, but more importantly a framework that I could use to make some sense of what I observed not only from the comfort of a park bench, but also from the conference rooms and boardrooms where I would spend my next 25 years. What I learned in the application of that observational framework was simple, but incredibly powerful. It is all about people!

I founded The Intertwine Group to combine this acquired knowledge, with 25-years of experiential knowledge in food and beverage to help emerging brands grow. My core belief is that people grow organizations and a company’s ability to connect, relate and communicate with them is the primary determinant of its future success. An organization is not unlike an individual. Externally, it needs to tell its story, to self-advocate and have its voice heard. Internally, it needs to communicate where it wants to go, why it wants to go there and how it plans to get there. As individuals, we have those internal conversations constantly, both consciously and unconsciously. Every time we move forward, it is our brain communicating with our legs, encouraging them to take that next step. Organizations can't take that step unless they are able to communicate both externally and internally. The more effective they are in doing so, the larger that next step.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication
  • Masters of Business Administration

Community and Professional

  • Rotary International
  • Advisory board Cal Poly Dairy Science 
  • Advisory board Downtown Modesto Partnership
  • Board of Directors Modesto Chamber of Commerce
  • Irvine Foundation New Leaders Network

Juliet Begoun - Partner


I am an educator, a catalyst, and deep listener. Like my business partner and husband, I too hold the belief that it is people who grow brands and organizations. I feel that empathy and compassion are the key ingredients too often missing in today's organizations. Having the ability to see through the eyes of your consumers, your team and even your vendors is critical to the development of good strategy and smart decision making.

As a lifelong educator, I place a high value on continuous improvement and learning. I utilize my understanding of effective pedagogy to help create all the training material, content and workshops that we produce for our clients. It is exciting to combine industry expertise with good teaching theory to deliver really meaningful results. 

Let's face it, another big role of a teacher is holding your students accountable. Things happen at the speed of life and frequently we get swept away. We wind up spending all of our time working "in" our businesses and very little working "on" it or "on" ourselves. One of the things we attempt at The Intertwine Group is to infuse accountability into everything we do in order to improve focus and drive results. 

If you work with us, I will be your accountability partner. Helping you and your team look up from the mundane and focus on the tasks and objectives that will deliver the outcomes you desire. 

I joined the practice because I truly believe in what we are doing. We are going to be feeding 9 billion people by 2050 and I think it is important to bring brands and products to market that are focused on the triple bottom line. We are working with companies who are committed to doing what is right for people, planet, and profits. As well as companies that are creative and innovative. .


  • Bachelor of Arts in Education

Community and Professional

  • Leadership Modesto
  • National Charity League