"The Intertwine Group offers concrete solutions. They take action and make things happen. This holds true especially when it comes to investment readiness and go-to-market strategy." 

Shari Leidich - Founder, Know Brainer Foods

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How We Help

Our 3-stage process


SEED:  We engage fully in your business and conduct a comprehensive current state assessment. We look at the products, packaging, costs, and positioning. We review your pitch deck, sales & marketing materials, promotional activity, and evaluate your distribution, velocity, and supply chain. We meet with you and your team to understand your vision, goals, and risk tolerance. We listen, we ask, and then we listen some more. Taking what is learned, we work together to model the brand's potential revenue, velocity, and distribution over the next 12, 24, & 36 months. We identify what it will to take to get there, and the risks involved. If capital needs to be raised, we will assess your investment readiness and help you become pitch ready.

CULTIVATE:  Collaboratively, using the data from above, we’ll construct the Route-to-Market strategy, identifying the optimal channel targets, such as food service, conventional retail, mass, specialty/natural, club, drug, c-store, online retail, and direct-to-consumer. The strategy will also pinpoint the best delivery mode, such as broad-line, specialty, DSD, or direct to the warehouse. In addition, focus will be placed on designing the supply chain and sales structure. We will then work with you to construct the Go-to-Market strategy. This includes the creation of the sales, marketing, public relations and trade plans. We will help construct sales presentations, establish customer targets and develop sales forecasts.

GROW: A well-developed plan requires execution and accountability. In this stage, we’ll help you manage your brokers and mentor and train your sales team. We’ll assist in the administration of your trade and promotional plan and work in support of your distributor and e-commerce execution. We will be active in all pre-call planning for buyer and investor presentations. All stakeholders, including The Intertwine Group, will be held accountable. Weekly accountability calls will be hosted, KPIs developed and measured, and broker and store audits reviewed. Each month there will be a formal review of the sales numbers and the performance to forecast.