"Elliot Begoun of The Intertwine Group is a creative problem solver. We have asked him to put effort against issues in sales, supply chain, retail execution and strategic planning, each time he has delivered unique and impactful solutions that have driven favorable results. Further, Elliot has provided strong mentorship to many of our leaders. I consider him a trusted advisor."

Tim Kelly Senior Vice President & General Manager Shamrock Foods Company

How We Help

Our 3-stage Model to consulting & brand management


SEED:  We engage fully in your business and conduct a comprehensive spherical assessment. We look at the products, packaging, processes, and positioning. We meet with you, your team, your customers, and even your vendors. We review your KPI’s, sales reports, presentations and budget performance. We listen, we ask, and then we listen some more. Our process percolates to the surface the opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed.

CULTIVATE: The first step of this stage is to envision the future state. So often, we jump right to strategy, but do we actually know the consumer's wants and needs, and which of those are unmet? Together, we ask those questions, we envision the future through the eyes the consumer. We then frame and clearly plan how we are going to meet what is yet unmet, breaking it down into actionable and measurable outcomes.

GROW: A well-developed plan requires stakeholder commitment. Famed business educator Peter Drucker said, "unless a commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”  Gaining commitment is a process of change management, of consensus building. An organization must have a singular purpose when taking on any issue. Once all have made a commitment to support the strategy, you must measure the results. Peter Drucker also said, "what is measured, improves". All the work in each of the stages of this model quickly falls apart in the absence of measurement. Measurement creates accountability and accountability drives outcomes.