"Elliot has a very deep understanding of his subject matter, he was also was able to very quickly understand our own concepts and ideas. Many consultants tend to push you down a formulaic path designed for their billing profie. Not Elliot - he takes time to understand your own issues and concerns and direction before applying his considerable CPG industry knowledge. We are more advanced in our business, and have a stronger stance in the market place thanks to his guidance and advice."

Angus Murray - Foxy's Premium Frozen Yogurt

How can this guy help me GROW?

People fascinate me. While others may choose to spend their time at a major sporting event or seeing the latest blockbuster movie, I am at my happiest sitting on a park bench amidst the chaos of a city, just watching the world unfold. To me, there is no finer entertainment.  Fortunately, my wife is a fellow people watching enthusiast, so we can wile away our time together in its pursuit. This fascination was kindled 30 years ago when I was an aimless undergraduate student. On a typically hot afternoon at the University of Arizona, I stumbled into my first Human Communication class and I was hooked! For the next 4 years, I studied non-verbal, persuasive, organizational, interpersonal and group communication. I wound up with a degree, but more importantly a framework that I could use to make some sense of what I observed not only from the comfort of a park bench, but also from the conference rooms and boardrooms where I would spend my next 25 years. What I learned in the application of that observational framework was simple, but incredibly powerful. It is all about people!

I founded The Intertwine Group to combine this acquired knowledge, with 25-years of experiential knowledge in food and beverage to help emerging brands GROW. My core belief is that people GROW organizations and a company’s ability to connect, relate and communicate with them is the primary determinant of its future success. An organization is not unlike an individual. Externally, it needs to tell its story, to self-advocate and have its voice heard. Internally, it needs to communicate where it wants to go, why it wants to go there and how it plans to get there. As individuals, we have those internal conversations constantly, both consciously and unconsciously. Every time we move forward, it is our brain communicating with our legs, encouraging them to take that next step. Organizations cannot take it unless they are able to communicate both externally and internally. The more effective they are in doing so, the larger that next step can be.

For a company to GROW it must develop Integrative Leaders, inspire Employee Enlightenment, practice Empathic Marketing, and build loyal relationships with its consumers. My job is to help you do just that. 

I will provide some further specifics below, but I hope I've answered your question. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to talk about your business. Thank you for taking the time to come to this website and for your interest. 

Career Background

I have been working for and with GROWing businesses for over 25 years, starting in hospitality and restaurants. In the early nineties, I left food service operations and moved into sales and marketing, eventually rising to Vice President of Sales and Marketing for one of the largest dairy processors and oldest brands in the United States. I also held positions in General Management, Distribution and was the Senior Director of Supply Chain for a national dairy beverage company. 


My educational background is as varied as my career experience. I earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Arizona in Speech Communication. I studied in such fields as Interpersonal, Non-Verbal, Organizational, Small Group and Persuasive Communication. I went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance

Let me get a bit personal

I have been married for over 25 years to my wife Juliet. We have three amazing children. Sarah (23) is a Physical Education Teacher in Tempe Arizona. Rachael (21) is a Senior at Sonoma State University and is studying Psychology. Matthew (17) is a Senior in high school and is an avid soccer player. 

I stay active, swimming "Masters" for over a decade. I am very involved in the community, active in urban renewal and am an amateur musician and photographer.

I sit on the Cal Poly Dairy Science Masters of Professional Studies Advisory Board, am a member of the Modesto Downtown Partnership and I am involved in Leadership Modesto.

I am also a Member of Rotary International and am active with many other non-profits